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Gardening is something everyone can do—even if it is a  pot of tomatoes on the patio or a violet on the windowsill. It is the process of learning to nurture the plant to give it’s best for ones enjoyment.  And gardeners are notorious for wanting to show and share the fruits of their labor. 

The Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, Inc. has given us a means to be organized with our love of gardening so we can meet a wide range of avid gardeners and floral designers.  Region 6 is fortunate to have many outstanding gardeners and floral designers who are willing and eager to share their knowledge and yes, quite often their plants.

Our region covers six counties— Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Lorain, Sandusky and Seneca.  Check the list of garden clubs to the right.  If you  are interested in joining one of them or starting one in your community, please call the contacts listed below the county name or contact our Regional Director - Katherine Schmidt at 440-965-5664 or kschmidt@oagc.org

For more information regarding the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs see the website   www.oagc.org

Garden Clubs in Region 6

Erie County

Kathrine Schmitt 440-965-5664

  • Firelands - Vermilion area, evening

  • Huron Garden Club - Huron area, days

Huron County 

Peggy Case 419-929-6117

  • Town and Country Dirty Bloomers-Norwalk/ New London area, evening

Ottawa County


  • Catawba Island - Port Clinton area

  • Happy Hobby - Graytown area, afternoon

  • Town and Country at Oak Harbor - Oak Harbor area, afternoon

Sandusky County

Donna Foss 419-334-8452

  • Plant ‘N Bloom - Fremont area, evening

  • We'd Wacker - Fremont area, evening

  • Whispering Meadows - Fremont area, afternoon

Seneca County

Sandy Kessler  419-639-3187

  • Attica Community - Attica/Republic area, evening

  • Blossoms & Butterflies - Tiffin area, evening

  • RFD - Green Springs area, evening